• Entrepreneurial CASE Studies

    Valencia 2021

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 1:

    Smart Museums

    The entrepreneurial case aims to introduce smart technologies in museums with a double approach: on the one hand the development of smart interactive multimedia content to enhance the real visit to the museum; and on the other, the provision of online multimedia content to ease online visits to the museum for those that do not want or cannot visit it.

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 2:

    A self-driving tractor is changing the future of food business

    Sustainable and efficient solutions for food systems are focused on food production and consumer systems and their management. Solution elements concern primary production, agriculture and production technology, foodstuff refining, logistics and environmental solutions, trade and marketing as well as consumption and use experience.

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 3:

    Safe, effective and sustainable COVID-19 protection operations in congested areas​

    Conception of systems (robots & automation) assisting in screening or disinfection operations in case of pandemic in order to:

    • Relieve operational overhead of human personnel • Reduce contagion risk
    • Reduce single-use products
    • Applications domains:
    • Hospitals, airports, schools, hotels, work spaces, public spaces

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 4:

    Smart recycling in latest technologies too

    Fused Deposition Modeling

    • Desktop printers
    • Not expensive any more schools, hobbyists can buy them 
    • Filament at an affordable price More and more popular
    • 3DP as a service for public

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 5:

    Health on the Move

    • New solution which exploits the benefits of ICT to improve the current transportation system.
    • General idea - combine different forms of transportation services and provide them to users in an integrated way.
    • Global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies.

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 6:

    5G Open Radio Access Networks in event management

    • ICT - 5G Network topology
    • Connecting industry segment - Software design
    • Services - Complex solution for organizer companies

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 7:

    Smart Package Solutions (Towards Sustainable Society)

    • Understand the problematics with packaging 
    • Select the most promising case
    • Develop a technical case
    • Develop business case

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 8:

    Creation of Identification methods and tools to distinguish between original or counterfeir products

    Counterfeit products cause billions of Euros of economical damage and can even cause serious physical or psychic harm to persons.

    An ICT supported approach can help to avoid or reduce the risk of getting a victim of counterfeits or fake products.

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 9:

    Cyber security​

    A smart sustainable city is an innovative city that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) and other means to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operation and services , and competitiveness , while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects

    Entrepreneurial Case Study 10:

    Sensor System for Monitoring People in Retirement Homes​

    At present, the European population, including Slovakia, is getting older.
    A significant part of the population lives their autumn life in retirement homes, where it is not possible to supervise people 24 hours a day by employees of the retirement homes. A solution to this issue can provide advanced technologies allowing monitoring people in an undisruptive way and at the same time to broadcast alert messages in case if a monitored person is in an emergency (e.g. sudden change in health status). Quick help in such an emergency could save a senior’s life.