• SmartSoc Project

    The main objective of the project SmartSoc is to create and implement intensive interdisciplinary study programme in the field of ICT-based entrepreneurship considering transnational and intracultural context. This project will enforce ICT student teams to deal with economic, societal and environmental challenges defined by strategic documents „Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" (UN resolution) and "Horizon Europe" (EU regulation) programs. It will include important message about smart specialisation strategies and their importance for regional development in EU.

  • How the Project Works

    Timeline of confirmed activities



    2.3. - 22.5.2020



    02. - 09.09.2020










    Transnational Project Meeting​




    Transnational Project Meeting​




    Transnational Project Meeting​


    February 2022


    Virtual mobility


    14.2. - 6.5.2022




    09.5.- 20.5.2022

  • Blended mobility of higher education students

    Blended mobility is a hybrid approach to mobility allowing students and lecturers to work closely before, during and after the SMARTSOC workshop.

    Virtual mobility

    Virtual mobility is a preparatory phase which takes place several months before the SMARTSOC workshop begins.

    • Students are getting to know each other.
    • Virtual communication is widely used (e.g., Skype, FB groups, e-mail).
    • Students and case study supervisors work on a case study.
    • A written artifact for a given case study is prepared as a foundation for the physical mobility.
    • Students are ready for a physical mobility.

    Physical mobility

    Physical mobility is an execution phase in which students attend two-week workshops hosted by partner universities.

    • Students attend SMARTSOC lectures.

    • They also intensively work on a case study.

    • Intercultural dialogue is achieved through rich social activities.

    • Students present findings from a case study as well as lessons learned from SMARTSOC lectures.

    • Students complete the physical mobility and they give feedback on the SMARTSOC intensive study program.

  • Contact

    Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina
    Social feeds: facebook, youtube