• Scaled applications of 3D printing supporting the society

    SMARTSOC – Entrepreneurial Case proposal Education of Future ICT Experts Based on SMART Society Needs 2019-1-SK01-KA203-060789



    Usages of intelligent technologies are directions of smart specialization which can be applied in all counties in Hungary. Accordingly, the smart specialization directions of a county include the national priorities and the intelligent technologies characteristic of the given county. 3D printing (3DP) is an excellent example for innovative technology which unique characteristics provide additive values for all industries. This is the reason why it can be linked to more sectors and why its application fields should be still explored.


    In the frame of this case study students should identify fields where 3DP can serve segment of the periphery of society as well as the wealthy stratum. There are many household gadgets which are thrown away although they could be fixed by replacing broken or lost parts. These items should be collected and distribute after making them to operate again by using 3D printing. To finance this activity special customized objects (lampshade, gear stick cover, souvenirs with personal ornaments) could be created and sold for people who could afford this extra for themselves. At the same time a supporting community could be organized which members help each other (e.g. when a part could be replaced by 3D printing and somebody from the community has a sound sample, he could rent it for the time of scanning which shortens the time of modeling). To sum up: one technology serving the needs of several social strata.


    Questions that need answers


    Technical aspect


    Student team will get to know the following topics covering the most important technical knowledge they need to put into the practice the above mentioned activities:

    • Working principles of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

    • Characteristics of filament types

    • FDM printers available at the market

    • Types and characteristics of postprocessing

    Business aspect
    • Students team will need to identify potential customer segments for services they will develop
    • Students team will identify what kind of interfaces, channels they can use to reach their potential customers

    • Students team will explore how the cost of their services can be determined and what kind of impact of additive manufacturing can have on business competitiveness

    Social aspect


    The case study has several societal aspects which will be explored by the students team:

    • How a self-helping community can be built?

    • Is there any steps in the workflow where people with disabilities could be involved?

    • What kind of impacts do the lifetime prolongation of devices have?

    • How 3DP can enhance the environmental awareness of people?

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