• Tackling a complex urban mobility challenge: a car –free and green city

    SMARTSOC – Entrepreneurial Case proposal Education of Future ICT Experts Based on SMART Society Needs 2019-1-SK01-KA203-060789



    The bicycle is the most individual and low- emission means of transport of all. E-bike in particular enables old people or people who would not cycle due to distance or effort to use the bike. The ideal city of the future is car-free and green. The bicycle or especially e-bikes are unavoidable, no matter if as a shared or owned vehicle.

    But e-bikes are at high risk if they are protected with a regular cycle lock or even in a regular accessible parking lot. So what concept could we provide to store e- bikes safe and charge them, on order to provide even more advantages for the customer?

    Think out of the box (e.g. a tree) in order to keep the investment costs low and create a sustainable, efficient and cheap solution. Also implement IoT elements for predictive maintenance and increased user experience.

    Questions that need answers


    Technical aspect


    • Which mechanical construction would you use? (elevator, automatic storage, ...)
    • Which technological implementation do you use for the check-in (app. check-in Terminal) How do you secure the bikes? (damage from the machine, damage to people, damage from environmental events ....)
    • Is the system scalable for future increase of e-bikes?

    Business aspect

    • What products or solutions exist in the European market?

    • How could we guarantee a sustainable customer relation? (e.g. what happens if our

      storage system is full but a customer wants do deposit his bike – will he come again? )

    • Is the business/solution profitable?

    Social aspect

    • Does the solution bring more people together in one place?

    • Does the solution make cycling more attractive?

    • Does a public utility or company profit from the solution and its customers?

    • How could be real sustainability impact of the solution be measured?

    Robert Lahdo