• Cyber security (Attacks protection chalenge)

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    Keywords: Civil Security for Society


    A cyberattack can have far reaching consequences for any organization or individual. That is why it is crucial to inform right away when organization or person is facing a security breach. A use of protection SW and/or HW can ensures immediately to know what to and more important what not to do when there is an imminent threat.


    The Internet provides end-to-end paradigm, gives fast and less expensive communication mechanism, and is enforced with diverse number of protocols. Such design opens up various protection problems that offer possibilities for diverse kinds of attacks on Internet.
    All this leads to necessity of methods for protection.

    Questions that need answers


    Technical aspect

    • What are the main issues in the security of information from engineering point of view? 
    • What is the basis of internet security - main challenges, algorithms and methods to provide it?
    • What is the models for attacks in cyber space?
    • What is the secure architecture in cyber space?
    Business aspect
    • Methodology, algorithms and technology used for protection in cyber space – current situation on the market;
    • Cost of HW and SW solutions of the problem of protection of organizations and individuals in cyber space;
    • Existing business models to build protected system in cyber space.
    Social aspect
    • What will be the impact of building models of attacks and mechanisms of protection?
    • What will be the impact on the market, for HW and SW and standards in the cyber space?
    • How can one enterprise provide resources for analysis and protection?

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